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Party Food!

Dips, Etc.

Tortilla Chips & Salsa*



Large basket of yellow corn tortilla chips served with fresh Pico de Gallo Salsa.

Add Guacamole for $1.50 per person.



Hummus & Veggies



Hummus served with baby carrots & celery sticks.



Spinach Dip & Bread Tray



Sourdough bread loaf filled with Spinach Dip and surrounded by sliced sourdough baguettes fresh from a local bakery.

Vegetables & Fruit

Vegetable Tray

Large  $75.00

Small $45.00


Fresh seasonal vegetables purchased the day of your event served with creamy ranch dressing. A small tray is usually sufficient for groups 40 or less.



Fruit Tray

Large $85.00

Small $50.00


A colorful array of fresh fruit selected from the best at the produce market that day.




Fruit & Vegetable Tray

Large only $75.00


A good choice for small groups seeking a variety, this tray is half vegetables, half fruit. Served with ranch dressing for vegetables.

Deli & More....

Small Bites....

Cheeseboard with Fresh Fruit & Crackers

Large $105.00

Regular $75.00


Assorted cheeses served with crackers and assorted fruit options.



$75.00 (8 Servings)


Lightly breaded and crispy calamari with various sauces.



Anti Pasta Platter



Assorted Italian deli meats, provolone, mozzarella, tomato, olives, pickles, artichoke, peppers. Served with baguettes from a local bakery.

Chicken Tenders & Whole Wings



Mix of chicken tenders & whole wings. in plain, buffalo, or garlic flavors.


Meat & Cheese Tray



Turkey, Ham and Salami with Swiss, Cheddar and Jack cheese served with dinner rolls, sauces, pickles and olives.

Mini Baguette Sandwiches



4 Baguettes fresh from a local bakery made into a different sandwiches with Turkey and Jack of Ham and Swiss cut into eighths

Teriyaki Beef Skewers



Two ounces of beef on a skewer, marinated in Teriyaki sauce and grilled. Approx. 48 skewers.




Chilled Shrimp Tray



Simple, delicious and healthy. Large tasty shrimp, fresh lemon and cocktail sauce. Approx. 70 pcs.




Choose from 5 Salads



Choice of Romaine Cesar, California Quinoa, Moroccan Wedge, or Beet Carpaccio with choice of dressing!



Pasta Salads with Artichoke Heart



Pasta, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh vegetables, feta cheese and olive mixed in an oil and vinegar dressing.


“How many people will each tray feed?”

The answer is—it depends.  It depends on the trays you are ordering, number of guests in your party, and your guests appetite.  We can provide an estimated number of servings during the reservation confirmation.

“Do I have to pay in advance?”

The answer is - Yes.  A deposit of 30% of the total cost of the event will be required to secure the facility, food, and tables.  

Want something you don’t see? 
We are happy to prepare any regular menu item with a reservation!


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